Thanks to the Vierdaagsefeesten, 1.7 million people will experience an unprecedented feeling of spirit and belonging in 2022.

Every day, we passionately work towards this mission: organizing a freely accessible and spectacular event for the generations of today and tomorrow.

The mood, atmosphere and setting should encourage people to open up to new experiences; they should feel like they have the space and right to enjoy themselves, to fully be themselves, and to show the world the best version of themselves. 

This will allow visitors, organizations, companies and everyone involved to celebrate life today and tomorrow, together.

Who we are

We are a community that values long-standing traditions, but is also flexible in adapting to new developments and the changing of times. 

Our community stands at the heart of society. Together with this large community — which consists of many different organizations, companies and passionate professionals — we are able to create a spectacular but above all meaningful celebration time and time again. The Vierdaagsefeesten is one of the largest freely accessible events in the Netherlands, and establishes an important tradition. No other event holds the same unique combination of factors: it is freely accessible, attracts 1.5 million visitors from diverse backgrounds, sports a large and versatile program for seven whole days, and is furthermore often described as both pleasant and vibrant in nature. 

The event is valuable to everyone involved, from staff to visitors. The free accessibility and open nature of the event sets the tone for a powerful experience of freedom for many, and is one of the reasons the event attracts so many people from different backgrounds, and why visitors are able to bond so strongly with one another. As each year passes, the event increasingly resembles a real community. 

What we see

The desire to be together and to experience things together is bigger than ever. 

People enjoy sharing experiences together. Social media is one way in which we easily but impersonally attempt to connect with one another, even though it is especially important to recharge your mental battery by personally connecting in these times of polarization and populism. Festivals and events are the perfect setting for this, as they create a context of unique experiences and unexpected encounters, allowing us to truly connect to each other again.  

Today, the desire for honesty and transparence is everywhere, and seems to be expressed through a newfound appreciation for local, pure and healthy products. People are open to the idea of contributing to a stable and healthy environment, for the generations of today and tomorrow. 

Another trend that we spot can be called the ‘festivalization’ of the Netherlands, as the number of festivalgoers keeps increasing. Fortunately, this development also goes hand in hand with an increasing awareness about the significant carbon footprints festivals leave behind. Minimalizing the negative impact of our event on the environment is therefore a high priority, which results in the creation of a gradually more sustainable and environmentally-friendly event. 

What we believe in

Respondible creation.

Setting up an event of this scale requires the sharing of knowledge and experience, but above all a lot of passion. Every year we try to find better ways of creating something that really matters. We are aware of the fact that an event as large as ours greatly impacts its environment. This is why we use our platform to create a spectacular event enjoyable for all generations, while also making sure to make contributions that enhance the stability and vitality of our society.  

To do this, we are always looking for new ways to connect and work together, creating situations where organizations and companies can share their knowledge and experience with our visitors, allowing them to experiment and gain new experiences themselves. Our belief is that this creation process is not limited to just seven days a year. On the contrary, throughout the year we reminisce about previous editions, and explore new coalitions that will contribute to even more unique experiences and valuable encounters. 

Annually, we shape the event to be an inspiring place for 1.6 million people to meet each other, and to gain an unprecedented sense of freedom and belonging through new experiences. We strive to make it an enjoyable experience for everyone, creating an environment in which being yourself, no matter who you are, is easy and encouraged. 

Our role

Instigator, generator and developer.

We like our visitors to get acquainted with new and progressive ideas and innovations by attending our event. By making them a part of these seven days, visitors too share in the knowledge of how to set up and maintain a tradition which will empower and benefit future generations. 

We, as directors of the event, instigate, generate and develop this event together with you. We ensure innovation and will take the initiative when necessary. Of course, we do this while keeping safety, (financial) health, and sustainability in mind. 

Steps towards…

Our mission and vision are expressed through the activities we organize at the Vierdaagsefeesten, as they really convey who we are as a community. The face of our mission can be found under ‘Party into the Future’. It revolves around working on a sustainable environment for our children, because walking together can be done without leaving a footprint, with each other and for each other, with an emphasis on a healthy community and environment. Celebrating together symbolizes: 
Steps towards a better life
Steps towards a better future 
Steps towards being there for one another 
• Steps towards truly being yourself 

For more information, click on this link (PDF; in Dutch)