To ensure that you as a journalist, editor or other media representative are as informed as possible regarding the Vierdaagsefeesten, the most important information regarding the event is provided below, as well as the possibility to register. If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The joint press conference of Stichting Vierdaagsefeesten, Stichting DE 4 DAAGSE and the city of Nijmegen will take place on Friday July 5 2019 at 14.00 at the town hall (walk-in starting at 13.30).

Register for press conference


  • When referring to the event, one will refer to the Vierdaagsefeesten.
  • When referring to the organization, one will refer to Stichting Vierdaagsefeesten or Vierdaagsefeesten.
  • We kindly request everyone not to use the old term ‘Zomerfeesten’ anymore.
  • ‘Vierdaagsefeesten’ accordingly should be fully written out, as solely writing ‘Vierdaagse’ refers to the Internationale Vierdaagse Afstandsmarsen and therefore not to the Vierdaagsefeesten.

On social media, we use the hashtag #vierdaagsefeesten

It is possible to request general accreditation using the form below. After we have obtained and approved the application, you will receive it as soon as possible.

You can park for free at parking garage Kelfkensbos if you have press accreditation. You do, however, have to indicate if you are going to make use of a parking space ahead of time, as there is a limited number of parking passes available. You can request a pass by e-mailing [email protected].

In case you need space for a production truck, you are required to ask for an exemption via [email protected]. This request has to be submitted before the annual deadline of May 1.

Day accreditation (StevenskerkLive)

On the sign-in form you can indicate if you want a special accreditation for StevenskerkLive. The number of day accreditations for this event is very limited. As a consequence, the indicated number of preferred days is limited to three. We will try our best to take this preference into account when granting the accreditations.

Request press accreditation

Verified journalist

  • The applicant has to be in possession of a recognized press card, or should have proof in writing from the responsible editor in charge.
  • No accreditations can be granted to applicants who cannot prove that they are verified journalists.
  • General rules prescribe that no more than two representatives per organization can be accredited (one photographer, one editor). In case you want to request more than two accreditations, please contact Suzanne Kuijpers by calling 024-3233163.
  • We would appreciate it if a copy of all written work could be sent to [email protected].

Practical information

  • Having been granted an accreditation at previous editions of the Vierdaagsefeesten does not automatically guarantee an accreditation at the next edition.
  • The application for the (day) accreditation should be submitted before July 1 2019.
  • After the granting of the accreditation, you press pass will be sent to you by post.
  • The press pass can also be collected at the press conference on Thursday July 5 2019.


  • In case you want to interview a particular artist, you can contact Suzanne Kuijpers as soon as you have received the specific day accreditation for Stevenskerk Live.


  • During the first two songs, photographers are allowed to take photos in the front of the church, directly at the stage. After these songs, however, photographers must retreat to the back of the church to take photos there.
  • It is not possible to take photographs from on top of the stage or to photograph backstage.
  • Using lamps or other sources of light to take photographs during the recording is also prohibited.
  • We kindly request you to limit the number of photographs you take, as taking photographs will disturb the guests who are enjoying a concert in an otherwise quiet church.


  • The specific day accreditation only applies to photographers. If you want to film during StevenskerkLive, you have to ask for clearance or permission from the management of the particular artist involved ahead of time. The best way to do this is by directly approaching the management (whose contact information can be found on the website of said artist).
  • After receiving clearance, you are required to send a copy of the clearance and other possible demands of the management to Stichting Vierdaagsefeesten at least one week in advance.


We will place videos — like after movies or other Vierdaagsefeesten material — on our YouTube channel. You can either embed or share these videos by using a link. Referencing Vierdaagsefeesten as a source is mandatory in all situations.


Below, you can find all visual material of the Vierdaagsefeesten. Photographs can be used at one’s own discretion, as long as the Vierdaagsefeesten are references as a source, which again is a mandatory practice. When the name of the photographer is mentioned in the title of the picture, this name must also be referenced when making use of said picture.

Special thanks go out to Jan Willem de Venster and Mathijs Hanenkamp.


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Vierdaagsefeesten 2020: July 18 through July 24, 2020

Vierdaagsefeesten 2020: July 18 through July 24, 2020